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Procedure: tasklist and terms

Requirements and procedures
Termination and credits

Note: the Copy Editor (CE) will fill in this form (check off entries that apply, or delete the "yes" or "no") based on instructions received (eg, via e-mail) from the Author (or the Client) and return it for confirmation.

Requirements and procedures

1. styling to be applied to text (Author's, AMA, APA, Chicago, other):___

2. reference style (if different from text style; AMA, APA, Vancouver, other):___

3. style sheet:
__ to be provided (specify):___
__ to be completed as part of the job
__ other

4. corrections should be marked (specify format: hard copy/ETS):___
on ETS
__use Track Changes (in Microsoft Word)
__insert bracketed note
__do not make special mark
on hard copy
__use ___ color of pen/pencil (delete one)
__left/right margin
__in/over text line and in right margin
__left/right margin, __flags, __Post-Its, __separate list, __other (specify):___

5. explanations of corrections:
__do not explain
on ETS
__use Comment (Word) / Note (PDF) function
__insert bracketed note
on hard copy
__left/right margin, __flags, __Post-Its, __separate list, __other:___

6. level of queries to Author
__do not query Author
__limit (to ___ per page)
__no set limit

7. queries to Author should be marked (specify format: hard copy/ETS):___
on ETS
__use Comments (Word)/Notes (PDF) function
__insert bracketed note
__do not make special mark
on hard copy
__left/right margin, __flags, __Post-Its, __separate list, __other:________

8. general approach to grammar
__irreproachable (eg, do not use "hopefully" as a sentence adverb, never split infinitives)
__standard of a well-educated reader (eg, allow split infinitives if alternative is awkward; observe restrictive- versus nonrestrictive-clause distinction)
__correct egregious errors only

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9. ETS preparation steps:
  _yes/no_clean up manual formatting: delete extra spaces, unwanted tabs or paragraph marks
  _yes/no_ remove word processor styles
  _yes/no_ convert automatic numbering to numbers

10. perform edit to this level:
__ clean-up (a final review of the MS after copyediting, often to integrate Author replies to queries)

11. General copyediting tasks (confirm those that apply):
  _yes/no_ create a style sheet
  _yes/no_ key in (typecode) head levels, block quotes, tables, notes, approx. location of art, etc. on (check off all of these that apply):
  a. __hard copy
  b. __ETS, with code and instructions from:___
  c. __key both hard copy and ETS
  _yes/no_ keep a list of special characters for typesetter
  _yes/no_ prepare a permissions chart and check for permissions required for figures, artwork, or quotations
  _yes/no_ flag possible problems with libel or invasion of privacy, and list in letter to Client
  _yes/no_ convert figures or illustrations to resolution and color space stipulated by intended publisher or journal; and request better quality figures if necessary from your lab technician / research associate: ____ at e-mail address / tel._____

12. Light edit (also "Simple"; check off those that apply):
Note: for each of these, where appropriate, specify:
  __a. query Author and do not change
  __b. correct, and query Author (note or explain)
  __c. correct, without a query or explanation

  _yes/no_ correct spelling and punctuation; ignore anything not an error; point out wordy or convoluted paragraphs but do not change or suggest any changes
  _yes/no_ correct grammar and usage of common words
  _yes/no_ render styling of terms and units of measurement, spelling (eg, British vs American English), capitalization, hyphenation, abbreviations, and format of lists and references, so that they are consistent with desired style(s)
 _yes/no_ leave technical terms and abbreviations as written by Author, and query Author if inconsistent (do not change to standard terminology in the field)
  _yes/no_ edit technical terms and abbreviations so they conform with the standard terminology used in the field
  _yes/no_ check that data are consistent among tables, figures, illustrations, maps, and text
  _yes/no_ correlate parts: "Materials and methods" against "Results," contents page against MS text, numbering of reference citations, footnotes, endnotes, tables, and figures
  _yes/no_ look for inconsistencies or obvious errors of fact against standard medical and other reference works
  _yes/no_ check alphabetical order of references list (Harvard style) or bibliography; or correct sequence of citation numbers in text (Vancouver style) and no duplicate entries in references list
  _yes/no_ ensure that inserts and figures are properly labeled and marked

13. Medium edit (also "Line edit")
__all items checked off on Light edit list, plus the following (check off those that apply):
Note: for each of these, where appropriate, specify:
  __a. query Author and do not change
  __b. correct, and query Author (note or explain)
  __c. correct, without a query or explanation

  _yes/no_ correct/improve usage (eg, drop redundancies, such as "in order that" where it is redundant), including for non–English-speaking authors
  _yes/no_ edit awkward sentences, bad parallelisms, etc.
  _yes/no_ query ambiguities
  _yes/no_ edit for smooth transitions sentence to sentence
  _yes/no_ check facts (look for inconsistencies or obvious errors) against standard, general reference works (specify):___
  _yes/no_ edit for missing elements or parts
  _yes/no_ edit figures for tonal contrast, color cast, sharpness
  _yes/no_ find missing information for reference list entries (where possible)
  _yes/no_ create a TOC with ___level heads: __ and __ and __

14. Substantive edit (also "Heavy edit")
__all items checked off on Light and Medium edit list, plus the following (check off those that apply):
Note: for each of these, where appropriate, specify:
  __a. query Author and do not change
  __b. correct, and query Author (note or explain)
  __c. correct, without a query or explanation

  _yes/no_ check that Abstract, opening, or lead is accurate and complete
  _yes/no_ check logical sequence of argument, descriptions, and data
  _yes/no_ reorganize to conform to IMRAD format (for presentation of research results) and write Abstract, keywords, and/or table and figure legends if missing
  _yes/no_ ensure that main points emerge clearly
  _yes/no_ edit for superfluous elements or parts
  _yes/no_ check that conclusion follows and is not redundant

15. Clean-up edit
_yes/no_ complete any items checked off above that need to be repeated
_yes/no_ incorporate author's replies to queries

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1. date:

2. Copy Editor ("{initials}"):___

3. name, title, and address of Client contact ("{initials}"):___

4. telephone and fax of Client contact:

5. agreement reached with (full name and title):___on date:___, through medium/method:___

6. copy of this checklist sent to: name:___, date:___, method:___

7. this agreement (if not rejected or amended beforehand) takes effect on date:___(agreement may be renewed or renegotiated at any time, subject to consent of both parties)

8. status of CE (to be employed as contractor or employee):___

9. location where work is to be completed: CE home office

10. queries should be directed to e-mail address___ / tel. no.___ (if to include telephone calls, specify hours acceptable for calls, and hours to avoid):

11. CE will keep the Client informed of progress on the work (check those that apply):
__on completion of each stage
__only if and when estimated total cost or time needs to be adjusted
__only with return of completed MS.

And CE will use the following e-mail subject tag to help with filtering messages:___.

The MS

12. author(s) of MS:___

13. address of author(s):___

14. working title:___

15. total 250-word pages:___

16. intended audience (publisher, journal, or presentation venue; subject):___

17. level of edit (see Tasklist):
  a. __ light
  b. __ medium
  c. __ substantive
  d. __ clean-up (a final review of the MS after copyediting, often to integrate Author replies to queries)

18. MS to be delivered to CE on or before:___

19. how delivered (e-mail, courier, post):___

20. privacy of data transmissions to be protected using encryption:
__PGP (version):___
__other encryption program (specify):___

21. MS to be delivered in format:___

22. copyedit to be completed:
__on hard copy
__in ETS (electronic file)
__both, in the order:___

23. word processing software to be used (include version):___

24. copyediting to be completed ___days after receipt of MS (with schedule of stages, if appropriate):___

25. edited MS is to be returned to the Client in format:

26. edited MS should be transmitted (e-mail, courier, post):___

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27. basic rate or flat fee agreed (complete one)
$/euro____ per hour
$/euro____ per 250-word page
$/euro____ for the entire project

28. estimated total fee: $/euro___ (where payment will be by hour or page)
Note: this total is only an estimate; it may vary considerably with different kinds of material or if the MS proves to be significantly different from the sample. In either case, if a significant departure from the estimate seems likely, the CE will immediately inform the Client.

29. estimate based on (choose a or b):
  a. __ limitations of budget, with total available:___
  b. __ estimated rate of progress: ___ 250-word pages per hour
(with estimate  based on
__average expected rate of progress for this level of edit
__trial sample ___ pages, from sec./chap. ___, MS pages ___;
specify: filename ___ ; date & times of trial ___
plus: ___ minutes per page to be spent on bibliography and/or fact checking

30. Client will cover the following costs incurred by the CE:
__postage of hard copy to Client
__telephone calls to Client
__other (specify):

31. applicable special fees? ___ yes, ___ no
__reservation fee (specify):
__rush fee (__% of total):

32. initial deposit (amount): $/euro___ which is 30% of the total: ___, and is
due (date):___

33. receipt for deposit to be sent to:___

34. invoice to be sent as:
___printed copy by post (to address:___)
___PDF in e-mail attachment (to address:___)

35. special invoice steps?

36. final payment on balance due, to be subject to terms (complete a or b):
__a. standard: net due in ___days
__b. date: net due before ___ of month

37. late payment(s) subject to __% interest per month ( __% per annum)

38. how payment(s) will be made (see payment options; details to be provided by CE):
__bank draft or money order, made payable to:___; to be sent to___
__bank transfer: details:
  bank:___, sort code:___,
  SWIFT Code:___
  account name:___, accnt. no.:___
__PayPal payment
__personal check, made payable to:___; to be sent to:___
__other (specify):___

39. payment schedule: __% of est./agreed total (or $/euro__) to be paid on CE receiving MS or on date:___
__% of est./agreed total (or $/euro__) to be paid on date:___ __% of est./agreed total (or $/euro__) to be paid on Client receiving completed MS or on date:___

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Termination and credits

40. termination: job may be terminated by either party with ___ days' notice. If CE terminates, then Client pays for work completed up to date of termination; if Client terminates, then CE will be paid for work done until termination or $/euro__, whichever amount is greater.

41. the CE may use samples of work completed on this MS, for future job applications:
__yes: subject to the conditions:___

42. printed credit listing the CE's name will appear in the final publication:
__yes, subject to approval of the CE (a proof of text to be acknowledged was sent to CE on date___, how___; returned on date___, how___; accepted by CE: __yes, __no)

41. a complimentary copy or ___copies of the published work will be sent to the CE:

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