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Titivillus Editing for the Health Sciences

Preparing ideas and research results for publication

Timothy DeVinney, Copy Editor, Titivillus Editorial Services, London

Stages in Preparation for Publication or Presentation

For research and ideas in the health sciences (books, articles, or presentations)

The pages linked to below give a survey of each stage and the steps involved in getting support from a copy editor to prepare books, journal articles, or presentations. The procedure pages give details regarding how to complete some of these steps.

Stage 1. sending a sample for a free evaluation

Send a sample at no cost or obligation, for an estimate of what work needs to be done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

  —procedure page: encryption with PGP for privacy
  —procedure page: file compression with WinZip 
  —procedure page: FTP or e-mail attachment

Stage 2. evaluation by the copy editor

As copy editor, I will evaluate your MS and estimate the work required, time, and cost (at no charge or obligation). Note: every effort is made to ensure confidentiality in all communications, including encryption with PGP if needed.

Stage 3. agreement

Agree on how to communicate between you and your copy editor, what exactly the copy editor will and will not do (see full tasklist and agreement form orshort version of tasklist and agreement), what style of formatting should be applied to text and references, when the MS will be ready, how much you will pay, and terms regarding cancelations, etc.

  —procedure page: being kept informed and tracking your project
  —procedure pages: how to know what style should to be applied to the MS.
See comparison chart of different styles for terms and units of measurement, and comparison chart of different styles for reference lists and bibliographies (such as Vancouver or Harvard style)
  —procedure page: tasklist and agreement form or short version of the tasklist

Stage 4. sending book, article, or presentation files

When tasklist, terms, and schedule have been agreed, send all text, tables, and figures for editing by the copy editor. A deposit toward the total cost of copyediting is normally required at this point.

  —procedure page: encryption with PGP for privacy
  —procedure page: file compression with WinZip
  —procedure page: FTP or e-mail attachment
  —procedure page: making payments

Stage 5. text editing by the copy editor

As copy editor, I will prepare the text as agreed in stage 3. (I do not outsource work to others.)

  —procedure page: sample selection from a style sheet (see glossary for definition: what is a style sheet?)
  —project-tracking: where is my article?

Stage 6. editing of reference citations and lists by the copy editor

The copy editor will format reference citations, correct the reference list and bibliography, and, if so agreed, find any missing details as required.

  —procedure page: comparison chart of different reference styles

Stage 7. table editing by the copy editor

The copy editor will sort out the layout and formatting of tables according to what is required by the publisher or journal, and check that the data presented are consistent with what is reported in the text.

Stage 8. figure editing by the copy editor

The copy editor will check figures for copyright permissions, touch up the figures if needed, edit labels and other text, correct any mistakes in figure numbering, try to ensure that what is shown in the figures corresponds to what is described in the text, and, if necessary, convert the figure files to the correct resolution and color space (as required by the publisher or journal).

  —procedure page: selected journal and publisher guidelines for preparing illustrations and figures

Stage 9. receipt of copyedited MS

The author will receive the final book, article, or presentation from the copy editor.

Stage 10. payment

When completely satisfied with the work completed, the author(s) will remit the balance of payment due to the copy editor.


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