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Titivillus Editing for the Health Sciences

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Timothy DeVinney, Author's Editor and Copy Editor
Titivillus Editorial Services

List of Past & Present Clients

Journals and publishers for whom I have copyedited books or journal articles

McGraw-Hill, New York

Pantheon Books, New York

Alfred Knopf, New York

Schocken Books, New York

Fitzroy-Dearborn, Chicago

Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, for the journals
  —Anatomy and Embryology
  —Annals of Hematology
  —Archives of Dermatological Research
  —Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy
  —Cell and Tissue Research
  —Clinical and Experimental Diabetes and Metabolism (Diabetologia)
  —Emergency Radiology
  —European Journal of Plastic Surgery
  —European Radiology
  —European Spine Journal
  —Experimental Brain Research
  —Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
  —Gynecological Surgery
  —International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health
  —International Journal of Legal Medicine
  —Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery
  —Lasers in Medical Science
  —Neurosurgical Review
  —Osteoporosis International   —Psychopharmacology
  —Radiation and Environmental Biophysics
  —Rheumatology International

Testimonials: what some past clients have said about my services

[An] island of sanity.

Anne-Marie Bogdan, Staff Bibliographer, Fitzroy Dearborn, Chicago

I will certainly recommend you enthusiastically to my colleagues.

Steven LaRue, Commissioning Editor, Fitzroy Dearborn, Chicago

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