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Stage 10. Payment

Objective: to ensure that the correct remuneration is received by the copy editor for work completed, to the satisfaction of both parties.

For small projects, payment is normally required at two stages in the copyediting process: when the copy editor receives the MS for editing, and when the copyedited MS is returned to you. For large projects involving many weeks of work, intermediate payments may be necessary.

Finally, when you have received the finished MS and are happy with it, the final payment is due according to the terms of the agreement (usually 15 days net).

Note: no payment is due after the free evaluation in stage 1.


Payments can be made by bank draft or money order, bank transfer (details will be provided if and when this is agreed), personal check (if agreed in advance), or by PayPal. The steps for each approach are spelled out in the procedure page: payment options.

Follow-ups (what happens after the copyediting is finished and the final payment has been made?)

Please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding any further steps that need to be taken with your book, article, or presentation. I will endeavor to follow up as much as possible with any minor corrections, though any rewriting or amendations to the MS after the final copy has been returned to you will not be part of the same project and will require further evaluation, agreement, and payments.

Further, if so agreed, I will send in the MS to the journal's or publisher's submission system and keep the author(s) informed of its progress there.


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