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Sample From a Style Sheet

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy (Springer-Verlag journal)

A style sheet often begins with a short list of key number and reference entry stylings for quick guidance, followed by a more detailed list of style points, and finishing with an alphabetical list of how specific terms are styled.

Key number and ref. entry stylings

[note: ° indicates a hard space]
use AmE or BrE
serial comma, yes
Dr E.M. Smith [in author info]
2°s, 3°min, 4°h, 5°days, 6°weeks, 7°months, 8°years
5 mg salt, 5-mm diameter tube,
5 mg of penicillin, 5 mg/ml
5 mM, 200 IU
1/5 [where possible spell out as "one fifth"]
one third [n.]; one-third [adj]
twofold to tenfold, then 11-fold, 4.5-fold
40- to 80-year-old women
6 p.m., 7:55 a.m. [US] or 7.55 a.m. [UK]
1930 hours, 0715 hours

in-text Ref., Section, Fig., and Table cites

Yang et al. have reported
as described in "Materials and methods."
(Fig.°1b, c) (Fig.°12c--e)
(Figs.°1, 2, and 3) (Tables°1 and 2)


Cancer Immunol Immunother

Details of style points (selection of entries)

_x_ always place a hard space between word [but not abbrev.] and operator, numeral, or symbol
for example
the percentage specific lysis was calculated by the following formula: % specific lysis°=°[(maximal cpm°-°spontaneous cpm)°/°(experimental cpm°-°spontaneous cpm)]x100

separators for equations
one set
_x_ if only one set is required, use parentheses
multiple sets
_x_ for mathematical content, with multiple separators, work from inside out, starting with parentheses, then brackets, then braces [SM, Sect. 5.8, p 41; AMA, p 217; CBE, p 212]
for example
the formula: % specific lysis°=°[(maximal cpm°-°spontaneous cpm)°/°(experimental cpm°-°spontaneous cpm)]x100

Alphabetical listing

aa, Db126 peptide (aa126--134 RMFPNAPYL)
above-mentioned clinical studies
age group
aging (no e)
AIM-V medium
AJCC stage IV disease (American Joint Committee on Cancer stage IV)
allele 6; B or C allele
allogenic, use allogeneic [Dor30 synonyms]
alloreactive T cells
all-trans-retinoic acid
   <Greek-alpha> and <Greek-beta> chains
   <Greek-alpha><Greek-beta> T cells
Alzheimer's disease (AD)
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC, Rockville, MD, USA)
15 amino acid residues long
amino terminal truncation
annexin V--binding buffer
antiangiogenic effect

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