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Procedure: Short Version of Tasklist & Terms

A short e-mail confirmation of what the Copy Editor understands to be the needs of the Client. For a checklist with full details, see the tasklist and terms.

Text to be sent in an e-mail by the Copy Editor to the client (I will fill in blanks and delete those items that do not apply)


Name and address of Client:___


As agreed in our e-mail exchange / telephone conversation on the date ___, I am to copyedit your MS titled "______" which is ___  words in length, with ___ tables, ___ references, and ___ figures, and return it to you ___  days after I have received all job files or the initial deposit of $/euro___ (toward an estimated total fee of $/euro___), whichever is latest. This MS is intended to be submitted for publication with the journal / publisher (specify name of journal / publisher: ____); or for presentation as a poster / slide set for the ___ conference / CME on subject of ___; or other ___.

I will keep you informed of progress on the MS (check those that apply):
__on completion of each stage
__only if and when estimated total cost or time needs to be adjusted
__only with return of completed MS.

I will use the following e-mail subject tag to help with filtering message from me:___.

Further, I understand that I should address my queries to you / other (specify)___ by e-mail / telephone (tel. no. ___, during hours your time: ___). I may / may not request better quality (eg, higher resolution) figures if necessary from your lab technician / research associate:___, at e-mail address___ / tel.___.

Specifically, I will do the following:
  _yes/no_ create a style sheet;
  _yes/no_ prepare a permissions chart and check for permissions required for figures, artwork, or quotations;
  _yes/no_ flag possible problems with libel or invasion of privacy, and list in letter to Client;
  _yes/no_ format headings, paragraphs, and lists to conform with required style;
  _yes/no_ convert figures or illustrations to resolution and color space stipulated by intended publisher or journal;

  _yes/no_ correct spelling and punctuation where clearly in error;
  _yes/no_ correct grammar and usage of common words;
  _yes/no_ leave technical terms and abbreviations as written by Author, and query Author if inconsistent (do not change to standard terminology in the field)
  _yes/no_ edit technical terms and abbreviations so they conform with the standard terminology used in the field
  _yes/no_ rewrite to make transitions smoother and to polish narrative
  _yes/no_ render styling of terms and units of measurement, spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, abbreviations, and format of lists and references, so that they are consistent with desired style(s);
  _yes/no_ check that data are consistent among tables, figures, illustrations, maps, and text;
  _yes/no_ correlate parts: "Materials and methods" against "Results," contents page against MS text, numbering of reference citations, footnotes, endnotes, tables, and figures;
  _yes/no_ look for inconsistencies and check obvious errors of fact against standard medical and other reference works
  _yes/no_ check alphabetical order of references list (Harvard style) or bibliography; or correct sequence of citation numbers in text (Vancouver style) and no duplicate entries in references list
  _yes/no_ ensure that inserts and figures are properly labeled and marked

  _yes/no_ edit for missing elements or parts
  _yes/no_ edit figures for tonal contrast, color cast, sharpness
  _yes/no_ find missing information for reference list entries (where possible)

  _yes/no_ check that Abstract, opening, or lead is accurate and complete
  _yes/no_ check logical sequence of argument, descriptions, and data
  _yes/no_ reorganize to conform to IMRAD format (for presentation of research results) and
  _yes/no_ write Abstract, keywords, and/or table and figure legends if missing
  _yes/no_ ensure that main points emerge clearly

  _yes/no_ incorporate Author's replies to queries

On completion of the above to your satisfaction, you will pay the balance of $/euro___ due, within 15 days of receipt of the finished MS, to be paid through bank transfer / bank draft / PayPal payment / personal check, to the following (details inserted here):___.

I will send my invoice as ___printed copy by post (to address:___) or ___PDF in e-mail attachment (to address:___).

This agreement may be terminated by either party with ___ days' notice. If I terminate, then you will pay for work completed up to date of termination; if you terminate, then I will be paid for work done until termination or $/euro__, whichever amount is greater.

For next step, go back to stage 3: reach agreement with copy editor.

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