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Stage 2. Copy Editor's Evaluation

Objective: to get a clear idea of how much work is required, the time it will take, and the cost for preparing your MS.

Steps to be taken by the copy editor

(Note: I will undertake these myself: I do not subcontract or outsource work to others.)

Step 1. I will reply immediately to acknowledge receipt of your sample and tell you how long it will take for me to give you my evaluation.



Step 2. I will look at the sample of your book, article, or presentation that you sent me in stage 1 and evaluate it for the following:
  a. whether it needs work to conform to IMRAD format (in the case of research results)
  b. what style for terms and units of measurement will be appropriate (see procedure page: what text style?)
  c. what reference style will be appropriate (see procedure page: what reference style?)
  d. how much work will be required to prepare the book, article, or presentation
  e. how long it will take
  f. how much the copyediting is likely to cost.

Step 3. I will send you an e-mail with my evaluation, at no cost to you and with no obligation on your part.

For the next step, go to stage 3: agreement regarding tasklist, terms, schedule, and payment.


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