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Titivillus Editing for the Health Sciences

Preparing Ideas and Research Results for Publication

Timothy DeVinney, Author's Editor and Copy Editor
Titivillus Editorial Services, London
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For those who find there is not enough time to prepare all of the ideas and research data that need to be published

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At Titivillus Editorial Services (TES), I can help you transcend the limitations imposed by time and carry some of the burden of final preparations for publication, so you can dedicate yourself to your ideas and research. To get a preview of what is involved, see the summary of the stages in preparing work for publication or presentation (or see the brief list on this page, below).

I am here to assist you, not to impose my personal preferences on your work.

Services offered

Preparing books and articles in the health sciences for publication, finishing presentations (slides and posters) for conferences and CME, and completing grant applications.

Organization of research results so they conform to the IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) format expected by ISI-ranked, indexed journals.

Formatting text and references in the author’s style or AMA, APA, CBE, Chicago, Vancouver reference (Uniform Requirements), Harvard reference, or journal or publisher style (see comparison charts of different text styles and reference styles).

Language editing: making final checks to grammar, spelling, and usage of terms; offering assistance to non–English-speaking authors seeking to reach an international readership.

Utilities: encryption with PGP (to protect privacy in transmission), file compression with WinZip, and file transmission with FTP.

Word processing & tagging with Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, OpenOffice, Corel XMetal Author (XML editor), Macromedia Dreamweaver (HTML editor).

Preparation of figures, slides, or posters according to journal's or publisher’s instructions (see some sample guidelines); conversion to file type and color space specified by journal or publisher (eg, JPG file with CMYK or Adobe RGB color space); raster-image (bitmap) editing with Adobe Photoshop; vector-graphic editing with Adobe Illustrator; Microsoft PowerPoint preparation and editing, or conversion to publication-ready file format; layout and preparation of posters with Adobe InDesign.

Stages in preparation for publication or presentation

For research and ideas in the health sciences (books, articles, or presentations)

See also the more detailed summary of stages.

The pages linked to below give a description of each stage and the steps involved in getting support from a copy editor to prepare books, articles, or presentations.

Stage 1. sending a sample for a free evaluation (how to transmit files and what to expect from the copy editor)

Stage 2. evaluation by copy editor (an appraisal of what needs to be done)

Stage 3. agreement (tasklist [what the copy editor will do], schedule, how you will be kept informed of progress or approached with queries, and what the cost will be)

Stage 4. sending book, article, or presentation files (how to send files)

Stage 5. text edit by the copy editor (checking consistency and completeness of parts and data, organizing paper in IMRAD format, making final checks of grammar and spelling, and formatting terms and units of measurement)

Stage 6. editing of reference citations and lists (formatting according to required style and checking for consistency and completeness of entries)

Stage 7. table editing (formatting tables and checking for consistency of data)

Stage 8. figure editing (final preparation of illustrations)

Stage 9. receipt of finished MS (how the finished work will be sent to you)

Stage 10. payment (different approaches to making payments)


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